Traveling Salesman Robbed in California and South Carolina

Jewelers Specialty Insurance Services, also known as JSIS, offers information and crime alerts for the safety of customers, jewelry store owners, and traveling jewelry salespeople.

Two Salesmen Robbed in Pasadena, California on July 17, 2014

Two traveling jewelry salesmen were robbed in Pasadena, California after traveling to Downtown Los Angeles and conducting business in Beverly Hills. The two salesmen headed to their hotel after briefly stopping to eat at a restaurant. While on the road, two cars, a BMW and most likely a Mercedes forced the gentlemen off the freeway and to open their trunk. The robbers proceeded to steal $650,000 worth of merchandise before fleeing the scene.

Salesman robbed of $100,000 in Winnsboro, South Carolina on July 24, 2014

A jewelry salesman lives in North Carolina and traveled to Irmo and Lexington, South Carolina for business. For lunch, the salesman bought Burger King and ate in a parking lot off the highway. Two Hispanic men robbed the salesman, forcing him to open his trunk and hand over $100,000 worth of merchandise.

Jewelers Specialty Insurance Services, JSIS, located in Los Angeles, California provides regular crime alerts to better prepare and prevent robberies for store owners and traveling salespeople. To prevent traveling salesman robberies nationwide, ISPS and JSIS recommend keeping identity, locations, and merchandise information disclosed while on the road and at home. While showing jewelry, show one piece at a time, and keep the other valuables securely stored, either under lock and key or in a safe. Insure all jewelry, diamonds, gems, and valuables with proper insurance and floater policies, for expensive, unique pieces. Most importantly, if faced with robbers, ISPS states the importance of not resisting the robbery, and of reporting the crime directly after the event. Your safety and well-being are more important than the jewelry – no matter the cost.

For information regarding: any of the above information, jewelry insurance policies, or jewelers block, please consult a JSIS professional insurance agent today. The above crime alerts were provided by ISPS Security Consultants, a company located in Israel dedicated to the safeguard of jewelry and of those who sell and purchase valuable merchandise.


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