Ocean & Air Cargo

Similar to our Parcel and Freight Program, JSIS also extends services to shippers of Ocean Cargo. The global trade market has been more active than ever in recent years. Every year, trillions of dollars of merchandise move back and forth between ports all across the globe; and inevitably, many of these shipments are lost and damaged in route. Do not make the mistake of underinsuring your goods when they are most vulnerable to loss. Whether damaged by water, hijacked by acts of piracy or even the sinking of an entire ship, ocean cargo losses occur on a daily basis. Stay protected. Our program insurance program is broad enough to cover any commodity. Please see some of our program highlights below.

Program Highlights
  • Accessible for onetime or daily shipments.
  • Insurable for inbound and outbound ocean cargo.
  • Coverage available for all goods and conditions, including new, used and reconditioned items
  • Ship any commodity including fragile items and vehicles
  • Insure against all risk, basic risk and total loss
  • Enjoy fast and easy claims processing
  • Access to our automated online system