Safety & Security

We all hope that losses never happen; but they do. Our customers have experienced all types of losses and as a result, we have learned the most effective preventative measures. Below you will find some enlightening safety tips that will allow you to better protect your business and prevent losses.

Safety Tips

I.     Everyday reminders

  •  Keep Showcases locked and inspect showcases several times daily for tampering and missing items.
  • Greet and make eye contact with any customer who visits your store. Try to establish a personal relationship with new customers. If a customer wants to see an item, always limit them to see one item at a time.
  • Require salespeople and delivery men to present proper identification before entering the store. Furthermore, ask all potential customers for identification before transacting sales with them.
  • Create and share unique code words with your employees. This will help you and your employee’s make sure you are on the same page if there is ever any suspicious activity in the store.

II.   When opening and closing, please make sure to:

  • Upon arrival, always make sure to observe your surroundings and look out for any abnormalities. Furthermore, you should inspect any entrances for any signs of a break-in. If possible, open and close the store with 2 people. Traveling in groups dramatically reduces potential threats.
  • As soon as you enter the premises, lock the door behind you. Once locked, continue to remove merchandise from safes and/or vaults and place them in the proper displays and windows. Once everything is in place and you are prepared to entertain customers, you can continue to unlock the door.
  • During the working day, attempt to spread out the highest valued merchandise throughout different showcases in the store. In other words, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.
  • When the time comes to close, directly proceed to lock all the doors. After all doors and entrances are locked, proceed to place merchandise in safes and vaults. Give priority to the highest valued items and any other target items.

III.  If you think you are being watched or “cased” by a potential thief, make sure to:

  • Use your pre-established security word to alert your employees, salespeople and officers.
  • Write down a description of the suspect, and if possible, the car and license plate number.
  • If the suspect is in your store or office, greet him and ask for his name and identification.
  • Ask that all employees come to the sales area to and be visible.
  • Make sure all showcases and windows are locked and the keys are out of sight.
  • Notify police or security.

IV.  During a robbery, you should:

  • DO NOT resist. Instead, stay calm and cooperate fully with the criminal and obey any orders he/she gives. Avoid eye contact with the criminal and do not give him/her any reason to be suspicious of you. He will threaten you. He may even beat you up or point a gun at you. No matter what, do not give him a reason to pull the trigger or become paranoid.
  • DO NOT reach for your panic button while the criminal is in the store. Wait until they are leaving or have left before pressing the panic button.

V.    Recommendations for Salesmen when scheduling appointments.

  • Avoid scheduling meetings with clients ahead of time.
  • Avoid meeting new clients in private locations such as residences, hotel rooms and cars.
  • Take note of the time and location where the meeting is supposed to take place and let a someone (partner, family member or secretary) know the details of the scheduled meeting.
  • Request in advance all details of identity of the buyer such as Name & address, company they work for, identification information, passport number etc…
  • Request, verify and contact references prior to meeting buyers.

V.    Training Opportunities

  •  JSIS also arranges training sessions for risk mitigation and loss prevention techniques. Please give us a call to discuss scheduling a training course. We provide these services for the Sales persons on the road, retail staff & exhibition attendees.