General Information

As a class of business, jewelry is the most perilous for many reasons. Each item has a high value relative to its size and consequentially, the susceptibility to fraud, theft, and laundering is commonplace. Furthermore, the majority of jewelry claims result catastrophic losses. As such, the industry has been subject to and targeted by the world’s most notorious thieves. To protect you, JSIS offers an extensive menu of Jeweler’s Block insurance policies for:

  • Retail, Wholesale, manufacturer, designer, and pawnbroker operations
  • Jewelry, Rough and Finished Diamonds, Gemstones and watches
  • Goods taken in on memo
  • Jewelry sent out on memo
  • Salesperson Lines
  • Domestic and International Shipping
  • Merchandise while on display at trade shows and trunk shows
  • Event Jewelry
  • Specialized risk scenarios