High Valued Transit

Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer or business owner in general, you make use of shipping insurance in some form or another. For some of you, it is cost-effective to include shipping insurance on your commercial business insurance policy; but this is not the case for all businesses. If it is not included on your commercial insurance policy, it is very likely that you are insuring your packages with your shipping company. If this is you, it is even more probable that you are overpaying by anywhere between 20% to 90%! In a direct response to customer requests, JSIS runs an HVT program that serves not only as a great economic alternative but is as simple as simple gets. Whether by air, ocean, rail or truck, you can selectively declare shipments for high and low value items, domestically and internationally, and insure them at a highly discounted rate. Depending on volume, value and shipping history, JSIS creates custom tailored insurance solutions to complement your business structure. We are experts in risk management and insuring logistics; consequentially, we have earned the trust of many companies worldwide.