Heists on the Rise

2015 was a tumultuous year for the jewelry industry. From cybersecurity issues, to a weakening economy, to regulation advancements, to an increase in aggressive thefts and robberies against traveling salespersons, 2015 has seen it all and then some.

Traveling salespersons throughout the world have been the target of more than a few organized attacks resulting in multiple-millions in losses both in merchandise and in some rare cases injuries to staff.

Thieves, still considered to be primarily South American, are highly organized and determined. They may stake out their targets for multiple days or across a variety of states. They use evasive tactics patiently waiting for the most opportune time to strike. They follow salespersons from airports, to hotels, to tradeshows, to retail businesses, and to restaurants. They are not afraid to hit a target in broad daylight or the dim of night. Whether in a parking garage, at a salesperson’s hotel, or a busy intersection, no place is safe from these determined marauders.

Because of this JSIS maintains an active list of recent crimes and jewelry-related criminal activity on our #CrimeAlert page on the Jsis-ins.com website as well as regular updates to our Facebook and Twitter pages. We work in connection with top Jewelry related security agencies and companies to keep our clients educated with up-to-date information in the attempt that they may enhance their safety measures.

Now that the holidays are upon us it is more important than ever to stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times. Practice proper procedures and protocols for safety both in retail shops, while traveling, or at home.

Jewel thieves are using the latest technologies to stay coordinated and one step ahead of law enforcement agencies and retail owners. This provides criminals with an opportunity to get the biggest rewards for their efforts. As of 2014, Jewelers Security Alliance reported increases of loss amounts were on the rise, while overall crime was down because of the advances of technology in the hands of criminals.

Although smash and grabs were steady throughout the beginning and middle of 2015, with certain areas seeing an increase in these activities, the real threat continues to be organized criminals tracking traveling salespersons where big payoffs outweigh a typical smash and grab robbery.

To learn more about recent crime activities visit Jsis-ins.com or look us up on our social pages. From our family to yours we wish you a Happy Holiday Season and we hope you continue to stay safe, alert, and crime free in 2016!


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