General Information

Promotional insurance programs have become one of the most effective ways to increase sales, traffic and recognition amongst customers. Imagine turning a small advertising budget into sales that will cover your cost and much more. At JSIS, we take pride in providing ideas on how to creatively approach and market promotional insurance programs for your business. Furthermore, we are here to assist you when it comes to structuring, financing and executing promotions of all types and levels. From jeweler promotions and prize insurance scenarios to weather and sports contingent promotions, there will surely be a program that will fit your business plan. Our success with this program speaks for itself. Visit our case studies page for examples of other businesses already taking advantage of this product.


Program Highlights & Options

  • Jeweler Promotions specific to the jewelry industry based on weather, sporting outcomes or games of skill or chance.
  • Prize indemnity programs such as a $50,000 half court shot or a $10,000 match and win
  • Redemption insurance to protect your promotion when its success is beyond what you budgeted for
  • Weather contingent promotions – based on weather predictions for a certain date.
  • Online Theme Promotions – Offer prizes to drive traffic to your website
  • Custom promotional policies that appeal to your target demographic and complement your budget and marketing plan