Excess of Armored

The necessity to secure your valuables is crucial. Because they are so easily transferred and many times undetectable, items such as cash, jewelry, artwork and collectibles are always common targets for many outlaws. With this in mind, it is no wonder why you must protect your valuables when they are most vulnerable – in transit. JSIS provides competitive insurance solutions for businesses that are constantly moving merchandise and valuables. Whether you have made a sale and need to deliver your product or are traveling to a tradeshow, our broad and comprehensive insurance program will not only enable you to insure your merchandise, but will also allow you to do so for as much as a third of your costs. It is simple. Arrange your shipment with one of our approved carriers with minimum insurance, and then call us to insure the remaining value of your shipment at a highly discounted rate. Favorable policy wording and lack of territorial limits make this product among the best in the industry. Please see some of our general program highlights below and contact us for a quote.


Program Highlights

  • Ship with one of our approved carriers or submit a new carrier for approval
  • Ship to any location, worldwide
  • All types of valuable commodities accepted
  • Flexible deductibles and pricing structure
  • Same day insurance certificates available
  • Multiple Transit discounts available

Please note, due to show capacity limits, this product is on a first come, first serve basis.