Crime Alerts

Smyrna, Georgia — January 10, 2015
Female suspect wanted in connection with a recent crime spree through multiple southern states has been apprehended.

Mebane, NC — January 4, 2016

A female armed robber entered a jewelry store zip-tied a male and female sales associates in the back of the store. She removed merchandise from the showcases and fled in a Toyota Camera with paper plates. She is wanted in connection with multiple robberies in Dawsonville, GA; Panama City, FL; Bluffton, SC and Sevierville, TN. If you have information, please call JSA on its Reward Hotline at 800-325-1883. If you wish to remain anonymous, measures will be taken to insure the protection of your identity, yet allow the payment of the reward.

Providence, RI – October 23, 2015
A black male is wanted in connection with a robbery resulting in a shoot-out with the owner and two other suspects. The owner was left with life-threatening injuries. The suspect is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

If you have information, contact Detective Sgt. Timothy McGann of the Providence Police Department at 401-243-6236.

A white male suspect 5′ 9″ 220 lbs is wanted in connection with multiple robberies of jewelry stores in the Anchorage area.

If you have information, contact the Anchorage Police Department at 907-786-8900.

SACRAMENTO, CA — December 11, 2015
A black male subject, 5′ 10″ is wanted in connection with a breaking and entering robbery of a jewelry store. If you have information, contact the Sacramento Police at 916-264-5471.

Los Angeles, CA—December 2, 2015
Recent activity on Dec. 2, 2015 had a Salesman traveling in downtown Los Angeles nearly robbed by a group of organized assailants. At the moment his vehicle was approached by two men he was able to evade the attackers and flee in his vehicle while contacting the police. Traveling salesman need to be on high alert to protect themselves at all times. Stay safe.
Dallas, TX—November 18, 2015
A traveling salesman eating at a restaurant returned to his car after his meal to find his car burglarized. Upon inspecting the trunk where his “merchandise” was located he was hit by armed robbers who made off with $750,000 in merchandise.
Denver, CO—November 17, 2015
A traveling salesman was robbed by two gunmen who stole his merchandise and hit him in the face.
Austin, TXNovember 5, 2015
Black male suspect approximately 20 yrs old held-up a retail jewelry store with a handgun. This suspect was seen two-hours later in a Houston jewelry retail store.
Moorestown, NJNovember 10, 2015
Black male suspect, approx. 35-45 yrs old snatched a ring from a sales associate’s hand before fleeing the store. Any information contact Detective Righard Naff of the Moorestown Police Department at 856-914-3037.
Lebanon, TN — October 31, 2015
Black male suspect approx. mid 50s switched a 1kt loose diamond for a cubic zirconia. Anyone with information contact the Lebanon Police at 615-453-4404.

Houston, TX – October 26, 2015
A traveling salesperson visited multiple locations in Houston on Monday.

At one location in the center of town the salesperson was stopped by multiple robbers. It was at this point one robber opened a car door and demanded the merchandise.

The salesperson handed over the merchandise without incident and the robbery escaped.

Los Angeles, CA – October 26, 2015
An NY salesperson in downtown LA recognized he was being followed by a short Hispanic male, 22-25 years of age with white Iphone earbuds. The salesperson used their evasive emergency action to get to safety.

Australia – October 21, 2015
Australia has had two more robberies in as many weeks.

Washington DC – October 21, 2015
Robbery in Washington DC.

Summerville, SC – October 5, 2015
The suspect is wanted on one count of Grand Larceny for taking $65,000 in jewelry merchandise from a discount store. The suspect shown on surveillance video forced open a showcase while the store was open and took men’s and women’s jewelry. Less than 12 hours later the suspect sold some of the jewelry at a gold buying store. He is also wanted for taking jewelry at a different discount store on May 20, 2015.

Waldorf, MD – October 20, 2015
A black male suspect entered a retail jewelry store and asked to see a women’s watch. He tried on the watch and then ran from the store. Afterwards fleeing in a vehicle. The suspect is described as early 30s, 5’8”, 220 lbs., with a large build, a mustache and beard.

Los Gatos, CA – October 16, 2015
The white male and white female a retail jewelry store and attacked a sales associate with a stun gun and fled with jewelry merchandise. The male suspect is 25-35-years-old, 5’10”, with a medium build and bald head. The female suspect is her 20s, 5’8” with a medium athletic build. If you have information, contact the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Department at 408-354-8600.

New York, NY – October 9, 2015

A retail store was robbed at gunpoint for watches. The suspects left with 43 watches after 2 1/2 minutes in the store.

Santa Ana, CA – October 7, 2015 A white male asks to see a ring in a jewelry store. After the Sales Associate hands the suspect the ring he placed it on his finger. The sales associate asked for the ring back to which he replies, “no thank you” and fled the premises.

Lake Oswego, OR – October 11, 2015

A group of three entered a jewelry store and pretended to be shopping and distracted a Sales Associate. A fourth person entered the retail store and lifted a display case after receiving a cue from the three.
With the display case open the fourth person removed high-end jewelry and placed it in a bag. Both parties soon left the store in different directions.

If you have information, contact Officer Bryan McMahon at 503-635-0238.

Sevierville, TN – October 16, 2015

A lone White female suspect wanted in connection with multiple jewelry store thefts is a suspect in a robbery where two Sales Associates were zip tied at gunpoint. The suspect fled with diamond bridal merchandise.

It is rare for a lone female to attempt this type of robbery and there is a $100,000 reward that leads to the apprehension of this suspect.

August 05, 2015 – Dawsonville, GA

UPDATE: $5,000 reward offered for white female suspected of armed robbery in Panama City Beach, FL on 08/11/14 and a Dawsonville, GA armed robbery 08/05/15. She appears to communicate with an outside accomplice.

Contact 800-325-1883 for the Reward Hotline. Anonymous reporting can be arranged.

July 14, 2015 Gonzales, LA

Two suspects sought in jewelry store robbery where they entered the store with guns drawn, ordered everyone to the floor, removed the jewelry and surveillance. If you have information, please contact the City of Gonzales Police Department at 225-647-9536.

July 31, 2015 – Glenview, Chicago

Two sales persons were attacked outside their hotel room by robbers who appeared in a van. The female sales person was minimally harmed though there was a scuffle and the male sales person did sustain injuries. Further information is not available at this time.

July 17, 2015 – Indianapolis, IN 

Like a scene out of a movie, a jewelry store in Indianapolis was broken into through the roof. Burglars cut power to the building. Bore out a hole in the roof of the business next door. Then tore out another hole into the jewelry store. Inside the jewelry store, they cut through the safe using a cutting wheel and stole the merchandise inside.

July 14, 2005 – Melbourne, Australia

$700,000 stolen from traveling sales associates from Hong Kong. The sales associates were cornered in their car after visiting a local jewelry store. This is the 5th robbery in Australia since 2015 and the 2nd in Melbourne.

Gangs of robbers are considered responsible. Based on early investigation information from police the robbers were possibly following the sales associates for some time.

June 12, 2015 – Paramus, NJ

A black male and a possible Asian/Hispanic male worked in collusion to distract store employees while the black male suspect used a key to open a display case. He removed two high end watches. If you have any information you are encouraged to contact Detective Christopher Zuck of the Paramus Police Department at 201-262-3400 ext. 1409.

June 11, 2015 – Paramus, NJ

After a sales associate showed a watch to a customer the customer fled the instant the sales associate let go of the watch. If you have any information you’re encouraged to contact Detective Craig McEllen of the Paramus Police Department at 201-262-3400 ext. 1389.

June 4, 2015 – Burleson, TX

A Hispanic woman is a suspect in 3 separate Grab and Run incidents. In each store the suspect made off with rings after asking the sales associate to show her the merchandise. She has the identifying tattoos on her right hand “Don’t Make Dollars” and on the left “Don’t Make Cents.” The suspect is still at large.

June 4, 2015 – Winston-Salem, NC

White male suspect inquired about a chain. When the sales associate displayed the chains the suspect inquired about a matching bracelet. It was at this time the sales associate became distracted while reaching for the bracelet and the suspect fled with the bracelet display. There were three bracelets on the display. He is currently still at large.

May 12, 2015 – NY, NY

Smash and Grab. Shots Fired. To learn more click this link:

April 28, 2015 – Woodstock, GA

Handgun used to rob jewelry store in. He then held the Sales staff with zip-ties in the bathroom while he proceeded to empty showcases into a bag. Then he wiped the cases for prints and destroyed the surveillance equipment.

Suspect is currently at large.

April 4, 2015 – Philadelphia, PA

Female Employee Kidnapped! After leaving the jewelry store a Female Employee was walking through the parking lot when she was abducted by three individuals who then forced her into a van, bound her wrists and ankles, and began beating, chocking, and tasering the victim. They demanded the safe combination to the store which she did not know.

Afterwards they drove the woman around taking money from her personal bank account. Eventually, they left her at a cemetery. The Van was a burgundy-colored Ford Econoline van with white graffiti on the side and back.

April 4, 2015 – Glendale, AL

Male and Female suspects stole jewelry from a retail jewelry store. They drove away in a green Dodge Caravan.

April 4, 2015 – Paramus, NJ

Suspect distracted a retail store Sales Associate. While the Sales Associate was distracted the male suspect 5’9″ 30-40 years of age removed earrings from a display case then left.

If you have any information please contact the Paramus Police Department 201-262-3400.

March 26, 2015 – Arundel Mills, MD

Three suspects distracted a Sales Associate at a retail jewelry store and stole 3 rings.

If you have any information contact Anne Arundel County Police Department Western District Detectives Unit at 410-222-6155.

March 26, 2105 – Paramus, NJ

Armed robbery. Three high end watches were stolen at gunpoint from a retail store in a mall. The suspect fled in a white Mercedes Benz ML 350 headed over the George Washington Bridge towards the Bronx.

This case is still under vacation. If you have information, contact Detective Michael Cebulski of Paramus Police @ (201) 262 – 3400 ext. 402.

March 17, 2015 – Monroe, NC

A suspect robbed a jewelry store after asking to see some merchandise. The suspect has a “Texas” tattoo on his hand.

If you have information contact the
Monroe, NC Police at 704-289-1591

March 11, 2015 – Los Angeles, CA

A Sales Representative was robbed while waiting in his car at a red light in Los Angeles, CA. The criminals made away with $1.8 M. in merchandise along with some of the Sales Representative’s personal items.

The Authorities are still investigating this crime. Forthcoming information is pending.

March 11, 2015 – Lake Worth, Florida

A Lake Worth, Florida Jeweler was robbed. At lease $300,000 in merchandise was stolen from a Sales Representative who may have been tracked for days before the robbery based on case details.

Authorities are actively seeking leads.

March 3, 2015 – Detroit, MI

Crime Alert! In Detroit 17 men are wanted in connection with a string of recent Smash and Grab crimes. There is a reward of $45,000 for information that leads to the apprehension and incarceration of these individuals.

Here is a link to a FBI page for more information:

February 19, 2015 – Annapolis, MD

Ring Thief! A white-male stole a diamond and sapphire ring from a retail jewelry store in Annapolis, Maryland. He escaped in a red Ford Focus.

February 13, 2015 – West Palm Beach, Florida

Robbed! Jewelry Salesmen were robbed in West Palm Beach, Florida on Fri. 13, 2015. An estimation of the stolen property value is a few hundred-thousand dollars. The robbers fled the scene of the robbery.

December 10, 2014 — Los Angeles, CA
Anita Maxwell, who was featured in season four of the reality series “Bridezillas” allegedly submitted fraudulent documents and made false claims to receive more than $40,000 in underserved workers’ compensation benefits. This case will be prosecuted by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office.

December 3, 2014 — Manhattan, NY
Two jewelry salesman were robbed and $1,000,000 worth of merchandise was stolen from then. The two salesman were attacked by two assailants who were armed with guns. No identifying details were given about the robbers.

December 2, 2014 — Qunicy, IL
Two suspects grabbed earrings off of a showcase and ran. They are still at large.

(San Diego, CA) A diamond dealer was robber of $400,000 worth of goods in the Plaza Bonita mall. As the dealer was walking to his car, a suspect put a dark object to his back and demanded he empty his pockets, which included $240 in cash and a pouch of diamonds he carried in his coat.

November 25, 2014 — Dulles, VA
Four suspects entered a retail jewelry store, smashed a showcase with sledgehammers, and stole high end watches.

November 26, 2014 — Altoona, PA
Three suspects carried out a smash-and-grab robbery at a jewelry store, stealing many high end watches.

November 19, 2014 — Lacey, WA
A suspect entered a jewelry store and asked to see women’s and men’s diamond wedding rings. Once he had them in his hands, he ran from the store and fled in a blue Oldsmobile.

November 12, 2014 — Manhattan, NY
Two robbers robbed a jewelry store, stealing $600,000 worth of jewelry and luxury watches. One of the robbers entered the store after misrepresenting himself as a courier. Once he was allowed to enter, he robbed five employees with a gun. The other robber stood outside the office as a look out.

November 11, 2014 – New York, NY
Two male suspects posed as delivery personnel and a robbed a store on the eighth floor in the Diamond District in Manhattan. One suspect pistol whipped one of the four people in the store and stole cash and merchandise.

November 6, 2014 – Farmington Hills, MI
Two male suspects entered a big box store, approached the jewelry counter, smashed the glass, and stole various jewelry pieces. The suspects escaped in a gray Lincoln MKX crossover and are still at large.

November 3, 2014 – Rockledge, FL
Two female suspects distracted a sales associate and stole multiple gold pieces. These suspects are reported to have committed numerous distraction thefts.

November 2, 2014 – Irvington, NJ
Late on a Sunday night, burglars robbed a jewelry store that shared a wall with a furniture store. The robbers cut the phone lines, which disabled the alarm, and then entered the jewelry store through the furniture store by making a hole in the wall. They they used a circular saw to cut open the jewelry store safe. They fled with a large quantity of gold and diamonds.

November 1, 2014 – Wellington, FL
Two female suspects asked a jewelry store to show them solitaire diamonds. After one suspect said she could not see well, she asked that the entire display pad be removed. Once the display was removed, the other suspect was able to remove a solitaire and conceal it.

October 29, 2014 – Grove City, PA
A male suspect entered a retail jewelry store and asked to see a high-end watch. After discussing the price with the sales associate, the suspect grabbed the watch and ran from the store. If you have any information, contact the Pennsylvania State Police.

October 22, 2014 – Palo Alto, CA
A female suspect entered a retail jewelry store and asked a sales associate if she could see some watches. A few minutes later, a male suspect entered the store, pulled out a gun, and ordered the sales associate to get on the ground. The two suspects left with 22 high-end watches. The suspects have not yet been caught.

October 21, 2014 – Atlanta, GA
Two diamond salesman were violently robbed in downtown Atlanta while visiting two clients. As the salesmen were parked in a parking lot, they were approached by two robbers who smashed the driver’s side window and demanded the jewelry. The robbers then fled the scene.

October 20, 2014 – Houston, TX
An armored car employee was robbed after emptying an ATM cash machine. Two robbers threatened her with guns, robbed her, and demanded her weapon. The suspects fled with the armored vehicle, but the vehicle shortly stopped because a security code wasn’t entered into the system. The suspects fled in another vehicle.

October 14, 2014 – Lancaster, PA
A male suspect asked to look at loose diamonds in a jewelry store. As the sales associate removed the diamonds to show the suspect, the suspect grabbed the diamonds and fled. The suspect left in a maroon Chevrolet Cavalier and has not yet been caught.

October 13, 2014 – Westminster, CO
In Colorado, a male suspect asked a sales associate to see men’s bracelets. Once he placed a diamond link bracelet on his wrist, he ran from the store. The suspect is in his early 30s, 5’9” and has a bald head. The suspect is still at large.

October 3, 2014 (Virginia Beach, VA): A man with an accent, who calls himself “Pedro,” tried to purchase expansive timepieces using a credit card and an authorization code presented on his cell phone. When the sales associate refused to accept the code, the persistent man left the store—without the watches.

October 2, 2014 (Duluth, GA): After scoping jewelry stores in a local mall, three young, male suspects wearing hats entered a store and grabbed a tray of diamond jewelry from an unlocked and open display case. The three escaped in a get-away car and are still at large.

September 29, 2014 (Morrow, GA): Two male suspects entered a jewelry store, had a necklace cleaned, and admired a display case with expensive jewelry. Minutes later three suspects entered the stores, broke the case with a hammer and stole the merchandise in the same case. All suspects were described as African American in their mid 20’s, wearing dark pants and caps.

September 19, 2014 (Juneau, AK): With no signs of forced entry, police believe a thief hid in a department store until closing and then broke display cases, stealing $40,000 in jewelry. Witnesses believe the robber was a Caucasian male with brown hair.

September 27, 2014 (Chicago, IL): Two females entered a jewelry store and distracted a sales associate, while two men dissembled a display case and stole expensive timepieces. The four robbers, all in their mid-fifties, escaped in a silver minivan.

September 24, 2014 (Chapel Hill, NC): Suspects attempted to rob a jewelry store in Chapel Hill by breaking through the exterior walls of surrounding businesses. When first attempts failed, the suspects abandoned the tools outside the jewelry store and fled.

August 3,2014 (Chicago, Illinois): Two robbers stole $30,000 of valuables from a 70 year old jewelry store owner after he left his store. Eyewitnesses tried to help but were threatened at gunpoint. The suspects were arrested 4 days later after security footage identified the robbers.

August 8, 2014 (Greece, New York): Two robbers kidnapped and tied a jewelry store owner, his wife, and son in their home. The robbers waited for the mall in which the jewelry store was located to open, and they then used the proper keys and codes to steal jewelry and valuables from the safe. This was a meticulously premeditated crime; the robbers had all of the accurate store and mall information beforehand.

August 19, 2014 (Dallas, Texas): A traveling, diamond salesman was jumped by two masked and armed robbers who violently stole the salesman’s merchandise estimated at $500,000. The suspects escaped in two dark gray vehicles. The jewelry salesman sought immediate medical treatment for his injuries.

August 29, 2014 (Los Angeles, California): A traveling diamond salesman conducting business in downtown Los Angeles was being followed by a Latino gentleman in a professional suit. After confronting 2 police officers about his suspicions, the jewelry salesman lost the man “tailing” him.

July 18, 2014 (Manchester, NH): A woman tried to purchase $9,000 worth of jewelry, but her credit card was denied. The woman called her “bank” allowing the sale’s associate to force the transaction with a fake authorization code provided by an accomplice of the suspect. Another employee called merchant services to help when the credit card was not approved. Merchant services informed the employee that the credit card was in fact lost or stolen.

July 17, 2014 (Warrensburg, MO): A white, male suspect in his mid-30’s entered a retail store looking for a ring for his girlfriend. After leaving and returning to the store, he claimed that a 2 carat diamond would better suite his situation, after just winning the lottery. The suspect switched the 2-carat diamond upon handing it to the sales associate, who threatened to call the police. The suspect ran.

2014 (Los Angeles, CA): Two traveling jewelry salesmen were robbed at knifepoint in downtown Los Angeles by a gang of South American Robbers. Although the salesmen’s merchandise was stored in a safe, the 4 robbers stole bags, passports, and cash. Insure with JSIS jewelers block and high value transit insurance.

June 12, 2014 (San Bruno, CA): On June 12, a man attempted to rob a jewelry store in San Bruno, California, claiming to have an explosive device. The suspect threatened to detonate the device if employees did not hand over all of the jewelry in the store. The employees informed the suspect that police officials were on their way. The male, in his early twenties with a dark mustache fled the premises. Police are requesting information regarding the robbery and suspect.

May 2014 (Arlington, Texas): In Arlington, Texas, Bensons Jewelers was robbed at gunpoint by two African American Suspects in May of 2014. In recent months, there have been three other independent jewelers robbed.

May 6, 2014 (Richmond, Virginia): A Jewelry store clerk shot and killed at Victoria Jewelers in Richmond, Virginia. Police officials are in possession of video surveillance; however, no description of the suspect has been released yet.

December 9, 2013 (East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania): The Pocono Bazaar Marketplace in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania has been the location of multiple jewelry vendors thefts in the last year. Jewelry, weapons, and other valuables have been stolen, with no potential suspects.

August 20, 2013 (New York City, New York): Man posing as a construction working in New York City, stole jewelry from a store on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and escaped. Store employees chased the suspect but lost him at the subway station. Police and insurance officials do not recommend chasing robbers – a life is always more important.

December 23, 2013 (Virginia): After a violent and skilled jewelry theft in Virginia, the robber, Alexander Cuadros-Garcia, and associate, Leonardo Ortiz, were sentenced to a total of 37 years combined in prison. Garcia led criminals in the theft of over $4.6 million of jewelry and valuables.

December 16, 2013 (Blacksburg, Virginia):  A white man in his late twenties with a red beard tattoo and an amputated thumb robbed a jewelry store in Blacksburg, Virginia. Police officials are still looking for the suspect and any information relating to the unique features.

August 8, 2013 (West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania): Police officials are in search of 4 robbers who jumped and robbed the owners of a jewelry store in West Philadelphia. The suspects dropped the bags of jewelry and valuables as they tried to escape; the jewelers were left unharmed.

June 10, 2013 (Salt Lake City, Utah): Two men impersonated police officers and robbed a store in Salt Lake City, Utah after conversing with employees. The suspects stole multiple pieces of jewelry and escaped. Law Officials are still in search of the two suspects.

May 2014 (Ventura, CA): Male suspect fled a jewelry retail store after switching a 3-carat diamond engagement ring with a cubic zirconia. Ventura police officials believe the suspect escaped in a gray Volkswagen Jetta 4-door sedan and are now requesting information from public sources.

June 2014 (Puyallup, WA): 4 professional robbers broke into a business adjacent to a jewelry store, proceeded to cut through the interior walls and the safe, and then succeeded in stealing $1,000,000 of jewelry, gold, and valuables. Suspects did not trigger any alarm systems and were not caught on security cameras.

July 2014 (Fresno, CA): 2 young suspects, roughly 17 years of age, attempted to rob Marlene’s jewelry store at gunpoint. When the owner reappeared with a shotgun, the two suspects were shocked and fled the premises. No one was injured during the attempted burglary.

March 8, 2014 (Dallas, TX): A couple entered a jewelry store to look at wedding bands. The man lifted wedding bands out of the open case as the sales associate walked away. The couple then quickly left the store.

February 28, 2014 (San Carlos, CA): A traveling jewelry salesperson was unexpectedly held at gunpoint and robbed of his bag and jewelry while crossing the street. The masked suspect then escaped into a Honda Pilot with paper license plates.

April 22, 2014 (West Bloomfield, MI): Fine jewelry store robbed by three armed men. Among the items stolen were jewelry and timepieces.

April 22, 2013 (Bloomington, IN): Salesman robbed in Hampton Inn parking lot by four masked suspects.

April 9, 2013 (Spartanburg, SC): Salesman robbed and attacked by three suspects armed with knives after parking at hotel. Victim suffered various knife wounds before suspects took bag of merchandise as well as jewelry kept on body.

April 10, 2013 (Seattle, WA): Diamond salesman was held up by four suspects with ice picks. Suspects stole merchandise and slashed tires in the parking lot of a nearby mall.

April 11, 2013 (Fairfield, CT): Jeweler victim of tiger kidnapping after being kidnapped at home and taken back to store for robbery.

April 2, 2013 (Seattle, WA): Three armed robbers tie up store owner and escape with jewelry & cash. “March 5th, 2013 (Parkland, WA): Two suspects disguised as US soldiers rob store at gun point.

March 6, 2013 (Mercer Island, WA): A NY salesman was followed and robbed of goods he left in his vehicle while eating in a local restaurant. Approximately $500,000 was taken.

March 5, 2013 (Parkland, WA) Two suspects disguised as US soldiers rob store at gun point.

February 2013 (Los Angeles, CA): Salesman was shot and murdered during a robbery outside of downtown Los Angeles. After leaving downtown, the two salespeople stopped at a restaurant and were attacked.

February 18, 2013 (Erie, PA): Three suspects distract store employees while a fourth suspect emptied showcase stealing goods valued at approximately $50,000. Contact us for additional information.

February 18, 2013 (Roud Rock, TX): Woman uses gasoline to start fire in store, escapes with merchandise. Contact us for additional information.